Feminists that demand equal political rights for all women as individuals are good; feminists that call for political privileges for women because of their sex (at the expense of the rights of others) are evil.

One’s gender, race, ancestry, nationality, etc. play no role in the recognition of one’s rights.

One’s rights are based on the fact that the individual survives by reason, and the social requirement to use one’s mind is freedom from the initiation of physical force.

Under capitalism, all women have equal rights to men, as they are both individuals, i.e., human beings who require freedom to survive by the use of their minds.

The reason females (individuals with the XX sex chromosome) have equal rights to males (individuals with the XY sex chromosome) is that though women are not men’s physical equals; mentally women are equal in their ability to reason with men. Men and women have a variety of differences, but in their ability to think and reason, they are in principle the same.

Some of civilization’s greatest intellectual achievements result from women. Examples of such intellectual giants include philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand, scientist Marie Curie, programmer Ada Lovelace, and educational innovator Maria Montessori.


The original feminist movement was a “woman’s suffrage” movement to grant equal political rights for all individuals of the female gender (women), i.e., right to vote for women, i.e., equal treatment before the law, i.e., a women’s right to an abortion, etc.

This individualist conception of feminism was (and still is) a worthy goal.

The problem with many modern-day feminists is that they are basing a woman’s right to life, not on individualism, but on a form of collectivism known as sexism.

These collectivist feminists are not asking for the equal protection of their inalienable rights, but are demanding the state to grant them political privileges based on their sex, at the expense of the rights of others, i.e., a free abortion paid for by taxpayers (a violation of their rights those forced to pay for the abortion), i.e., preferential government-enforced hiring quotas based on sex (violates the right of free association of employers), i.e., government enforced equal pay rates based on gender in a private industry (violates the freedom to contract).