Wealth & Poverty



Observe the poorest countries are those where freedom is lacking.

Charity vs. Welfare

Welfare is the forcible transfer of wealth by the government from those who produced the wealth to other individuals who “need” that wealth. Welfare is the forcible transfer of wealth (usually by taxes) by the government from those who produced the wealth to another...

Nation’s Wealth

Wealth is not a “collective resource” to be distributed by some totalitarian or his cronies, but is produced by individuals. Wealth is the product of the individual mind. It is the result of man’s ability to think applied to the sphere of production and trade. Wealth...

Distribution of Wealth

No. Capitalism “distributes” wealth justly, i.e., to those who earned it, in proportion to how much they produced. Wealth must not be distributed, but created and earned. What is wealth? Wealth, like its corollary knowledge, is not a static quantity but is potentially...

Money Meaning

Money is a tool of exchange that allows men to indirectly trade goods and services that they have produced in a market economy.In a laissez-faire society, uncrippled by government bureaucrats, money is a symbol of man’s unspent production, which has yet to be...

Unequal Income Tax

It is the principle of equal treatment under the law that a graduated "progressive" income tax violates.  “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.” — Plank 2 of the Communist Manifesto A so-called graduated "progressive" income tax is a violation of the...

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax

The right to dispose of one’s income belongs to the producer of that wealth.

Child Labor Laws

Child Labor Laws

Mandatory child labor will only cease when parents have the means to support their children.