Price of Labor

The general price of labor under capitalism is not set by any particular businessman, but by the free-market. It is competition between businesses for labor that pushes wages up; it is competition between laborers that pushes wages down. (To reduce this competition...

Minimum Wage Laws

Minimum wage laws create unemployment. If passing minimum wage laws are the secret to raising wages, then why doesn’t the government make everybody rich by setting the wage to a million dollars? Would this solve poverty in third world countries, or would this make...

Price of Labor 2

No. Under capitalism, one's wages depend on how much one can produce. That is why Michael Jordan — or a doctor — gets paid millions of dollars more than the minimum wage. It depends on how well and how much they produce. The reason why factory laborers receive more...



The right for individuals to civilly marry, regardless of sex, race, ancestry or religion is protected under capitalism.