Rights do not guarantee equal results

Rights are not guarantees for successful action but are only guarantees to freedom of action.

The right to life does not mean that one (or the government) can force others to support one’s life against their will, as this would be a violation of their rights. There is no such thing as the right to enslave (“the right to violate rights”). No one has the right to force others to give them food, health care, insurance, education, a house, or to force them to give up their property (wealth, money) to obtain these values. One may produce them or acquire them by reason (trade/persuasion/charity), but never by threatening force (coercion.)

The right to property does not mean one will own property, i.e., a phone, a car, or a house. It only means that one’s freedom to use and dispose of one’s property, that one has honestly acquired (either through production or trade), will not be infringed upon, so long as one respects the rights of others.

The right to pursue happiness does not necessarily mean achievement — whether in one’s career, friendships, or marriage — it only means one is free to pursue what one thinks will make one happy, so long as one respects the rights of others.