“Material objects as such have neither value nor disvalue; they acquire value-significance only in regard to a living being — particularly, in regard to serving or hindering man’s goals.” — Ayn Rand

A value is that for which one acts to gain and keep to sustain one’s life.

Examples of values include: food, air and drink to sustain you; clothing, an umbrella or shelter to protect you; a lecture to give you knowledge; a novel to to show you life as it could be and should be; a computer to make you more productive; a flight on an airplane to travel across the world, or a rocket to take you to the moon; a talk with a friend to discus a problem; a concert with your favorite musician; a movie to entertain you; pursuing the joy of raising a child into an adult; a partner to spend your remaining life with.

[1] Ayn Rand “From the Horse’s Mouth” Philosophy: Who Needs It 79

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