Education and the State

“Man’s mind is his basic means of survival—and of self-protection. Reason is the most selfish human faculty: it has to be used in and by a man’s own mind, and its product —truth—makes him inflexible, intransigent, impervious to the power of any pack or any ruler. Deprived of the ability to reason, man becomes a docile, pliant, impotent chunk of clay, to be shaped into any subhuman form and used for any purpose by anyone who wants to bother.” — AYN RAND, “The Comprachicos,” Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution

Under capitalism, the indoctrination of the young by government officials is illegal. Capitalism supports freedom in education as opposed to the compulsory, tax-funded education paid for and run by the state.

Under capitalism, education, like food, computers, and medicine, is taken on as a private profit-making enterprise, not because education is unimportant, but because education is too important to be controlled by the state.

Capitalism upholds the separation of education and state, just like the separation of religion and state (and for the same reasons).