What is money?

Money is a tool of exchange that allows men to indirectly trade goods and services that they have produced in a market economy.

In a laissez-faire society, uncrippled by government bureaucrats, money is a symbol of man’s unspent production, which has yet to be consumed. When money has been earned (as opposed to looted, stolen, and begged), it is a sign of material and spiritual greatness.

Observe that being “rich” is not a sign of greatness if one has not earned it — to assume otherwise is to reverse cause and effect, as those men who achieve their wealth by plunder and political pull (government favors) attempt to do.

Money is the physical symbol of man’s successful use of his mind in production — whose success is essential to the support of his life. How can this be the root of evil? It cannot. In truth, money is not the root of all evil, but when honesty earned is a sign of good.

Doesn’t capitalism distribute wealth unfairly?

No. Capitalism “distributes” wealth justly, i.e., to those who earned it, in proportion to how much they produced. Wealth must not be distributed, but created and earned.

What is wealth? Wealth, like its corollary knowledge, is not a static quantity but is potentially limitless. The only limit to one’s wealth, in a capitalist society, is the power of one’s ability to think and produce. If one wishes for the wealth of all to increase only one requirement is necessary — freedom.

Reason, ultimately, is the source of all wealth. As capitalism is the only social system that leaves the individual free to think and act (if one respects the equal freedom of others), capitalism is the social system of maximum wealth creation for all.

Whom does our “nation’s wealth” belong to?

Wealth is not a “collective resource” to be distributed by some totalitarian or his cronies, but is produced by individuals. Wealth is the product of the individual mind. Wealth is the result of man’s ability to think applied to the sphere of production and trade. Wealth belongs to the individual who produced it. It is not an amorphous public good to be distributed by looters for the aid of moochers.