Historically, has a purely capitalist society ever existed?

A pure laissez-faire capitalist society has never existed. The closest any country has come to pure capitalism is 19th century America. Twentieth-century America is not a purely capitalist country but is a “mixed economy”: a mixture of freedom and controls. i.e., crippled capitalism, i.e., a hampered market economy.

Capitalism is not utopian, but it is practical. The fact that 100% pure capitalism has never existed does not mean it cannot exist, or that it will not exist in the future; laissez-faire capitalism is a definite metaphysical possibility.

Isn’t capitalism opposed to progress?

Capitalism is the only “progressive” system, in the proper meaning of the term. The historical evidence to support this thesis is irrefutable. Capitalism is the only system that led to the freedom of slaves, the end of feudalism, the equal rights of all individuals, regardless of race, color, and sex.

Capitalism is the system of laissez-faire — the system of freedom — the system that frees man’s mind by allowing him to act on it — the source of all progress.