How do public and private schools differ?

If a parent does not approve of a private school, they can remove their children and their money from it, taking both elsewhere. No such option exists in societies with government schools: whether parents send their children to government schools or not, and whether they approve of the ideas taught in those schools or not, they must still pay for state education through compulsory taxation. This added burden often makes it impossible for many parents even to afford to send their children to private schools.

What kinds of ideas are taught by state-controlled education?

If any government is allowed to gain financial control of education, then it will take over the content of that education — the realm of ideas – to ensure its money is spent properly. The fundamental lesson of a state education is not intellectual and material independence, but obedience to the state. Such is the death of a free society.

Under capitalism, there is a separation of education and state, just as there is a separation of religion and state. In both cases for the same reasons.

What do anti-capitalists mean by education should be free?

What the advocates of “free” education espouse is not leaving individuals free to pay for their education, or free to pay for the education of another, or free to decide on the content of that education. Rather, they advocate the robbing of one to pay for the unearned benefit (“schooling”) of another. The proper name for such a program is not “free” education but is legalized theft.

The issue here is whether one voluntarily pays for the education of oneself (or others) as with private education; or, if one is forced to pay for the education of oneself (or others) at the point of a gun.

Government is an agent of force; force and mind are opposites; to impose the will of public officials upon its citizens, is to render its citizens slaves. Contrary to the collectivism, the mind of a child — or an adult — does not belong to the state: each human being is an end to himself. If children learn by example, is there any doubt to what kind of example “public-free” schooling is teaching?

What is the price of a state-funded education?

The price of a state education is freedom. Anything of value is never free but must be paid for by someone. The state produces nothing; but obtains its funds by force, i.e., taxation. When one recommends the “state funding of education to preserve freedom,” one is asking the state to violate freedom to preserve freedom.

How is education funded under capitalism?

The only free education under capitalism is that donated by private individuals, i.e., parents paying for their child’s education, i.e., individuals acting as a group, e.g., church groups and non-religious groups.

Is there a right to education?

There is no such thing as a ‘right to education,’ since such a ‘right’ makes slaves of those who are physically forced to pay for someone else’s so-called right. Government schools should not be saved or reformed but abolished — as it is a violation of individual (human) rights.