What is capitalism? What is a capitalist? Capitalism defined.


Capitalism is the moral (rational-self-interest), political (individualism), legal (rule of law), economic (free-market) social system based on the principle of individual rights that results in peace, progress, and human flourishing.


Politically, a capitalist is an advocate of laissez-faire capitalism, regardless of how rich or poor they are.

Philosophy of Capitalism

“Corresponding to the four branches of philosophy, the four keystones of capitalism are: metaphysically, the requirements of man’s nature and survival—epistemologically, reason—ethically, individual rights, politically, freedom.” — Ayn Rand

Intellectuals and Capitalism

The intellectuals despise Capitalism because it stands a monument in opposition to their fundamental principles.


Laissez-faire capitalism should not be confused with anarchism, where the government does absolutely nothing.