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The Art of Nonfiction: A Guide for Writers and Readers by Ayn Rand (2001)
Edited by Robert Mayhew
“In 1958, Ayn Rand… gave a private series of extemporaneous lectures in her own living room on the art of fiction…. The Art of Fiction offers invaluable lessons, in which Rand analyzes the four essential elements of fiction: theme, plot, characterization, and style. She demonstrates her ideas by dissecting her best-known works, as well as those of other famous authors, such as Thomas Wolfe, Sinclair Lewis, and Victor Hugo.” “[Ayn Rand] maintains that writing is a rational sphere, governed by rationally identifiable principles. ‘Writing is no more difficult a skill than any other, such as engineering,’ she says. ‘Like every human activity, it requires practice and knowledge. But there is nothing mystical to it.’ ”

Objective Communication: Writing, Speaking and Arguing by Leonard Peikoff
How you can communicate philosophical ideas with conviction, logic, and, most of all, reason.

Principles of Grammar by Leonard Peikoff
Principles of Grammar offers not only an organized survey of grammatical rules and principles but their connection to the principles of clear thinking and clear writing. “At the end of the course,” says Dr. Peikoff, “you should be able to see every grammatical rule, directly or indirectly, as a consequence or expression of some essential requirement of the human mind…”

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