About Capitalism.org

The Capitalism Tour & FAQ was first written in 1996 and is based on philosopher and best-selling novelist Ayn Rand’s revolutionary philosophy: Objectivism. Since then, my knowledge and understanding of the nature of capitalism have grown (perhaps not as fast as I would have liked 🙂 ) making it apparent to me that this site was in desperate need of an intellectual and technological update.

In late 2018, the update of the Capitalism Tour was completed. I also added an Essentials of Capitalism section, which I plan to expand into a book. The FAQ section is presently being updated with a targeted completion date of late 2019.

Please feel free to contact me with thoughts, corrections, and suggestions. — Mark Da Cunha

p.s. This website has taken many hours of time and effort. You can support this site by clicking the Donate button.

Donations are used to:

  • continously add to, update, revise and improve the FAQ (ongoing)
  • pay for the expenses of maintaining this site (ongoing)
  • fund a video version of the Capitalism Tour (late 2019)
  • fund future projects (such as the capitalism documentary in 2020)

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