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The Capitalism Tour & FAQ was first written in 1996 and is based on Ayn Rand’s revolutionary philosophy Objectivism. Since then, my knowledge and understanding of the nature of capitalism have grown (perhaps not as fast as I would have liked 🙂 ) making it apparent to me that this site was in desperate need of an intellectual and technological update. In late 2018, the update of the Capitalism Tour was completed. The Q&A section is presently being updated with a targeted completion date of the middle of 2019. Thank you for your patience!

Please feel free to contact me with thoughts, corrections, and suggestions.

Thank you for all your support! — Mark Da Cunha

p.s. This website has taken many hours of time and effort. If you have gained some value from this site, feel free to make a donation to support it by clicking the Donate button.

Donations are used to:

  • continously add to, update, revise and improve the FAQ (ongoing)
  • pay for the expenses of maintaining this site (ongoing)
  • fund a video version of the Capitalism Tour (late 2019)
  • fund future projects (such as the capitalism documentary in 2020)

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